Enviromental Responsibility

The Company seeks to enhance sustainable environmental management model, in order to realize an environmentally friendly industries (green industry) with sustainability. The success of the utilization of B3 waste (hazardous and toxic) form GBFS to be useful materials for the development of environmentally friendly infrastructure will be a guarantee for the creation of sustained business growth as well break the stigma that the industry has always been a bad impact on the environment. Instead it will foster public confidence that the industry can destroy B3 waste into materials that are needed for national development.

Controlling Emissions

To control emissions, the plant has been equipped with a special dust control bag house filter tool and other equipment to minimize pollution in the form of leakage of the product to the public. The Company also conducts regular monitoring of product leakage that may occur in the air, to make sure we comply with the quality standards established regulations.

Controlling the transport sector will also be done by making concrete roads and watering the road in the factory area periodically.