Company Ethics

In line with the spirit of creating a good business climate, the KPK issued a circular letter No. B.143 / 01-13 / 01/2013, and the letter giving inspiration for the Company in the form of business conduct integrity. In harmony with this, KSI compiled a "Code of Business Ethics and Work Ethics or Code of Conduct" which is a reference of conduct for Commissioners, Directors and Employee of KSI in order to manage the Company.

Code of Conduct Purpose

The purpose of application of the Code of Conduct are:

a. A shared commitment to realizing the corporate vision and mission professionally and ethically with regard to all stakeholders, so that eventually materialized labor standards in accordance with the Corporate Governance is good and right for the Board of Commissioners, Directors and Employees by referring to the company rules and regulations applicable.

b. Realising the establishment of standards and criteria in assessing whether individuals within the company has behaved in accordance with the desired company or deviate from company rules and regulations in force.

c. Minimize all the risks that lead to conflicts of interest and litigation as a result of negligence committed by individuals within the company.

d. Encourage improvements in the quality of services, management of companies, development of corporate values, and ultimately lead to an increase in the Company's reputation and image.

Code of Conduct Benefits

a. As a benchmark of conduct for the Board of Commissioner, Directors and Employees of the Company to carry out the duties and responsibilities of each as well as interact with all stakeholders.

b. Creating a conducive working atmosphere, healthy and comfortable within the Company.

c. As a reference for shaping the character of the Board of Commissioners, Directors and Employees of the Company who are disciplined and ethical in dealing with other individuals within the Company as well as with other parties outside the Company.


This manual is a guide for the Board of Directors and the Board in carrying out the duties, powers and responsibilities in the administration and management of the Company's business based on laws and regulations relevant to the company business as well as the provisions set forth in the Articles of Association of the company so that it can fully run the business enterprise by implementing Corporate integrity principles contained in Law No. 40 Year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company, namely: